Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheesecake Pops!

Hi there! I hope you are well and healthy! 

The other day I finally got my act together and made raw pops! And my what a treat... (said my Cake Testdriver Jakob). As I'm allergic to nuts, and need to exclude them from my diet for two whole years, I couldn't eat any of them, but I do taste the batches. But in two years from now, my body should have healed properly and I'm good to go for a nutty life again ;) This makes my job an extra challenge, coming up with raw desserts. Not to make them, but not to be able to take mouthfuls of them as much as I would want to. I've started to experiment with nut free raw desserts instead :) So I will post more of them later. I have a few goodies up my sleeve for you! 

These pops was made using the filling from my Rhubarb Cheesecake from the Dessert Revolution ebook. I made a whole batch of the filling and put it in a jar in the freezer for maybe 15 min. That made the cheesecake-filling easier to handle. I then rolled balls of them, inserted lollipop sticks in them and covered them in raw chocolate. 

See recipe and instructions further down!

Rhubarb Cheesecake Pops (makes about 25)

• One batch of the Rhubarb cheesecake-filling from my raw dessert ebook. (Skip the crust/base, just make the filling). Makes about 25 pops. 

1) Make the Rhubarb filling and put in the freezer.
2) Make the melted chocolate.
3) Prepare the pop-sticks.
4) Prepare the toppings.
5) Roll balls of the Rhubarb filling.
6) Insert the pop-sticks.
7) Coat with melted chocolate & Topping.
8) Set to harden. 

1) Make the Rhubarb filling and put in the freezer: 
Put the rhubarb batch in a container in the freezer for 15-20 min. This will make the batch firmer and easier to handle. While you wait for the batch to cool in the freezer, make the melted chocolate. 

2) Melted chocolate: 
There are many different raw chocolate recipes. This recipe has lots of cacao powder and is quite sweet. It reminds me of the chocolate coating on a magnum ice cream. You can use Mesquite or Maca to add an extra taste dimension. (See the recipe in Swedish further down!)

• 100 g shopped Cacao butter (3.5 oz)
• 0,5 cups + 1 tablespoon raw Cacao powder
• 5 tablespoons Agave nectar (or the sweetener of your choice)
• a little pinch of pink Himalayan salt
Make a water bath by boiling some water, put it aside and place a bowl on top, letting the hot steam heathen the bowl. Place the shopped cacao butter in the bowl and let it melt slowly. When all of the cacao butter-pieces have melted, add the cacao powder, agave and salt. Stir by hand to incorporate. You will get a runny chocolate at first, but it will slowly thicken as it cools down. Now be patient. Don't start to coat the pops yet, or you might end up with a transparent chocolate layer ;) 

3) Prepare the pop-sticks:
I used ordinary wooden barbeque sticks that I had, and cut off the sharp end and shortened it to the length of about 17 cm (7 inch). You can also find plastic lollipop sticks in different sizes and colors in bakery supply stores. Next step is the decoration. Skip it if you don't have the time or ribbons. I enjoy playing around with ribbons and colors, and I happened to have ribbons with the right size at home. Choose ribbons that are not too wide, otherwise you'll coat the whole stick with the ribbon, missing out of the stripe-effect. Use a piece of plastic tape to attach the end of the ribbon. Then hold the stick in one hand, turning it, and with the other hand you hold the ribbon. Depending on how hard you hold the ribbon, the more narrow or wide your stripe-effect will be. Though, all of this comes naturally when you give it a go. Play around. 

4) Prepare the toppings:
You can use any coating really... Try shredded coconut, chia / hemp seeds, goji crumbles, shopped nuts or cacao nibs. I used chia and hemp seeds and made goji crumbles in my coffee grinder. It becomes quite sticky, but oh so beautiful! 

5) Roll balls of the frozen Rhubarb filling:
Now take out the rhubarb batch from the freezer to form balls. Use a spoon and scoop up the batch and in your hands roll balls in the size of a smaller plum. Don't make it too big, as it will be harder to handle once you insert the lollipop stick. Place all the balls on a plate.

6) Insert the pop-sticks:
Start inserting the pop-sticks a little less than halfway. If this step takes a long time, you might want to put the pops in the freezer again, for a 5-10 min to let them firm up before you coat them with chocolate. The chances are that the pop will fall down from the stick into the chocolate. The cold pops will also make the hardening of the melted chocolate happen faster. If you can't lift your pops having the pop-sticks facing up, you can carefully lay them down. You can re-shape them again before you put the chocolate on. 
If you're planning on making these pops with kids, you can prepare the pops until step 6. So you involve them when the pops are ready to be coated! (the fun part). 

7) Coat with melted chocolate & Topping
When you have a thick chocolate resembling of cold agave nectar, it is time to coat the pops! Don't dip them. Hold them still and with a spoon, scoop the chocolate over the pop. You might find the pop rather loose, but don't panic. The chocolate will fortify the pop once it hardens. Let the chocolate cover a piece of the stick as well, this will further stabilize the pop. 

Before the chocolate is hard, take a pinch of the coating of your choice, whether it be chia or hemp seeds, shredded coconut, shopped nuts, cacao nibs or goji crumbles. Again, don't dip the pop, take a pinch of the topping and carefully rotate the pop while you put the topping on. 

8) Set to harden
When the chocolate have harden, the actual pop is rather sturdy. Set them to harden before eating! You can also freeze them for later.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Raw Chokladrecept

• 100 g hackad Kakaosmör
• 1,5 dl raw Kakaopulver
• 0,5 dl Agave nektar
• en liten nypa rosa Himalayasalt
• 0,5 tsk Maca, Mesquite (om du vill)

Instruktioner: Gör ett vattenbad genom att koka upp vatten i en kastrull och sen ställa den åt sidan. Lägg en skål över kastrullen och häll i det hackade kakaosmöret. Låt det sakta smälta (glöm inte att njuuuta av doften!) När alla bitar av kakaosmöret är smält tillsätter du kakaopulvret, agave sirapen och saltet. Rör för hand tills allt blandat och blivit rinnande, härlig choklad. Låt den kylas ner tills den blivit tjock ungefär som sirap. Ta en sked och häll chokladen över klubban. Innan chokladen stelnat, ta en nypa av det strössel du vill ha på. Chia el. hampafrön, krossade kakao nibs, hackade nötter eller gojibär som du kört i mixern till smulor. Ställ dem att hårdna ett tag innan servering!

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Have a wonderful weekend!
See you soon! 




Emelie - PT och kostrådgivare said...

Ser ju sjukt gott ut!

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Tack fina! :D

Cecilia said...

Hej Karolina! Jag älskar verkligen din blogg och tänkte nu göra din Enzyme cake. Men jag hade en fråga om måtten. Cup, tablespoons och dessertspoon är det samma sak som dl, msk och tsk? Tack på förhand //Cecilia:)

Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Hej Cecilia!! Tack så mycket för dina snälla ord <3
Nej, cups är inte det samma som dl, bra att du frågade. När man mäter upp flytande innehåll går det 2,4 dl, på en US cup. Medan fast innehåll typ mandlar går det 2 dl på en US cup, så det är lite marigt det där.

La upp det svenska receptet åt dig! Hoppas kakan blir bra och smakar ljuvligt!! Skriv om du har fler frågor.


Cecilia said...

Hej! Vad gulligt av dig att lägga ut receptet på svenska, Tack!
Nu är kakan gjord och uppäten=), den var jättegod och jag kommer göra den igen. Kakan fick mig helt klart intresserad av att göra mer raw. Next up Valentines cake lol.


Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

Åh gud vad glad jag blir, att du gillade den!!
La upp Valentinkakan på svenska åt dig också ♥ Superkul att du börjar gilla raw desserter :D De är så enkla att göra, så mycket fräschare och godare och man känner i hela kroppen den välgörande effekten :)


The Procrastobaker said...

Gorgeous. there are so many cake pop recipes out there but never have I seen a rhubarb cheesecake one, and now its the only one I want to try!!! its like the classy lady of the cake pop world :)

aria @cookingmesoftly said...

so nice idea....... never had time yet to prepare....... but i would like to try asap. congrats...... very appetizing food and nice pictures.


Love Raw ~ Karolina said...

The Procrastobaker: Thank you ^__^ Making cake pops didn't feel like the most original thing to do.. But I made the rhubarb cheesecake and figured that the filling would work wonderfully as covered in chocolate, so it had to be cake pops :) Nice blog you have!!

Aria: Thanks! Do give them a try and let me know what you think! :D

Mai said...

AMAZING! can I have some please? :)


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